Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crazy, eh?

Hi there!

Yesterday, I was in a blue funk.

Yes, I'm lucky to have a job and I'm healthy - thank God!... but my job's becoming quite stressful and for reasons I'd rather not go into, "they" predict that I'll only be there for another 2 years, anyhow. My official retirement age should be in 12 years...

Do the math. *long sigh*

Okay, remember the guy that started with a paper clip (OneRedPaperClip) and kept trading up, until he ended up with a house? And remember the person that sold advertisements, on their web page (The Million Dollar Web Page)?

Well, I was trying to wrack my brain and figure out SOME kind of scheme or whatever, to raise a million dollars. No, I don't want to be a "millionaire", but I figured that if Gilbert and I were to continue, work-free, for 12 or 15 years, this is what it would take... rounding off figures, mind you.

So, I did a quick "Google" and, according to Wikipedia, there's an estimated 6,803,000,000 people on this planet, right? But, this figure wouldn't help me with the demographics that I was looking for. Not everyone has the internet, right?

A couple more searches and I found the estimated figure of internet connections:

1,733,993,741 'NET USERS !!!

In case you have problems, like me, wrapping your brain around this one, that's like almost 2 BILLION connections!!!!

Soooo, I figured if only ONE million people went into their Paypal account and sent me ONE dollar, my dream could become a reality.

Crazy idea? Maybe.

But I plan on adding this blog addy to ALL my signatures... in hopes that my request gets seen ALL OVER THE WORLD! *grin*

How do you send me ONE (1) dollar, via Paypal?

1. Open up your Paypal account and sign in.
2. Click on the tab that says "Send Money".
3. Type in my email address:
4. Select PERSONAL and then GIFT.
5. Click on CONTINUE

Now, I should tell you in advance. Paypal will charge you 33 cents for every USD sent.

Have a great day!



  1. LMAO!! I love the idea and you already have $5. WOW! I wish I would have thought of this. Five bucks...Timmy's here I come :) Sorry to say, I don't have a paypal account. Can I give u my $ in person???

  2. PERFECTO, Ro! You gots da brains, girlfriend, that's for sure. LOL... A buckero is on its way to help you towards your goal. Love this! You are soooooo much F-U-N!
    Good luck. . . love n hugs,

  3. Hi again... actually I didn't get charged a fee for sending $$$ to your email account as 'gift' and personal, but I did send from a bank account, rather than a credit card... just thought I'd share this tidbit.

  4. ROFL!! Now if I was in any doubt that you're one crazy lady, this has just confirmed it!! LOL... ;)))))
    Thank you for the giggle, has to be worth a couple dollars at least eh?? LOL...

  5. I can't believe someone hasn't done this already, WTG Rosa! I've contributed to your retirement fund too, and now I can't wait to see how close you get to your goal.

    Wendy in southern Alberta