Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Donations!!!

Hi there!

Okay, so my Retirement Fund's
not growing as fast as I had hoped,
but as they say....
One itty bitty step at a time, eh?

Today, I received 2 surprise
donations, in the mail!

My friend, May!

And in case you're not from Canada,
here's what a Canadian ONE dollar looks like.

We call them "Loonies",
as there's always a "Loon" on 1 side
of this coin.

And my sister sent me a belated
birthday gift...
a bunch of scratch tickets!!!!

And she wrote:
"Sorry we're late!
Good luck with the tickets.
If you win, you can add it to
your Million Dollar Fund."

Sylvie - I won TWO DOLLARS!!!

Thanks a bunch, ladies!!!



How do you send me ONE (1) dollar, via Paypal?

1. Open up your Paypal account and sign in.
2. Click on the tab that says "Send Money".
3. Type in my email address:
4. Select PERSONAL and then GIFT.
5. Click on CONTINUE

Now, I should tell you in advance.
Paypal will charge you 33 cents for every USD sent.

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