Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello... s'Me Again.

Hi There!

Yes, I KNOW it's been a LONG time since I've blogged but I've been doing some thinking.

First, this "begging" is REAL work!
SERIOUSLY, I should be "working" at this a LOT MORE, if people are to notice me, right?

I haven't been adding my "signature" to my emails or public posts.... This, I GOTTA do and stop being ashamed of begging.

Second, I've FINALLY asked Gilbert to help me transfer all of the $62 dollars to my bank account, in a special "Savings" account.... just for my MILLION DOLLAR retirement fund.

Third, I've come to the realization... and I'm positive you'll all agree with me here.... that to get help, you gotta first help yourself, right?

Sooooo, I plan on dropping in a small amount of money, every payday. PLUS, I plan on trying to raise money by selling "stuff".

And the third thing or realization is why it took me so long to blog...

I had to make a decision.

Do I ONLY count the money that has been donated to me or do I start adding to the pot, myself... And IF I did, would I be able to brag, one day that I got a LOT of friends to donate this money?!?!?

Well, I'm back to the fact that to get help, you gotta help yourself, right?

Sooooo, any spare monies will be going into that special bank account. Anyone wish to donate funds - they're more than welcome! I'll be telling the world that my internet friends (and I) helped raise "Rosa's Retirement Donation Fund"!!!


And see? I'm as honest as THIS guy!!! LOL

So, once again, here's the basic story

"Rosa's Retirement Donation Fund"
(the beginning)

And here's how YOU can help me....

Have a great day!


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